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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Global Deaths by HIV/AIDS Reduced by 50%. Experts Say

Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for an STD, regardless of gender, race, social class, or sexual orientation. That said, teenagers and young adults acquire STDs more easily than older people.

It said the “scales have tipped”, with more than half of people getting drug treatment for the first time.
An HIV infection cannot be cured – it can only be contained with daily doses of antiretroviral therapy.

Unchecked, it destroys the immune system, causing Aids. At this point people tend to die from other “opportunistic infections” such as tuberculosis.
Worldwide, 36.7 million are living with HIV and 53 per cent of them are getting the therapy that gives a near-normal life expectancy.
The Executive Director of UNAids, Michel Sidibe, said, “We met the 2015 target of 15 million people on treatment and we are on track to double that number to 30 million and meet the 2020 target. We will continue to scale up to reach everyone in need and honour our commitment of leaving no-one behind.”
UNAIDS said eastern and southern Africa were “leading the way” and had cut new HIV infections by nearly a third since 2010.
Life expectancy has increased by 10 years over the past decade too.
The agency has set a series of goals known as the 90-90-90 targets.
The aim is for 90 per cent of people with HIV to be diagnosed, 90 per cent of those to get therapy and 90 per cent of those to have their infection suppressed, by 2020.
In 2016 the figures were 70 per cent, 77 per cent and 82 per cent respectively.
Sidibe added, “Communities and families are thriving as Aids is being pushed back.”
However, the agency warned that inadequate treatment in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe had seen death rates increase sharply.

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