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Friday, October 06, 2017

What Should You Consume As A Teenager?


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In all ramification, the amount of energy and nutrient required by teenagers is plentier than what other age group need. As a healthy teenager, you will have a
humongous appetite and what is essential to understand is that you have to consume highly nutritious food, instead of junks or snacks that contains so many sugar or fat. Also consider the consumption of fruits, it’s a better alternative to sweets.

 What type of food do you need to consume for a nutritious diet?
A balance diet contains all the essential nutrient in it right quantity, it comprises of vegetables and fruits, with fair quantity of meat, dairy food or starch.

It is important to note that:
  • You should eat food that contains too much fat and or sweets very infrequently.
  • Consume much of calcium, they strengthen the bone and teeth. They can be found in nuts, okra, white beans e.t.c
  • Ensure you take in eggs, dietary products, beef and fish. They contain a good quantity of vitamin D which promotes the growth of the bone and the teeth.
  • Iron is useful for the health of the blood. It is very usual for kids and teen to consume iron in a low proportion. Important source of iron are fish, red meat, beans and vegetables.
  • Protein, the body building food, can be gotten from fish. Endeavour to eat fish, because they contain protein, minerals and vitamin. They also are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid.
  • It is important to also consume foods that are good source of folic acid, such as vegetable, bread and rice. They contribute to mental health.
  • Vegetable, butter and carrots are rich in vitamin A which boost the vision and ensure an healthy looking skin.
  • Fruit that are known as citrus like orange or lemon are good in vitamin C, which is important for the absorption of iron in the blood. It can also be found in potatoes, and tomatoes.

It is worthy to ; 
  • reduce the intake of sweets or biscuits or caffeine.
  •  Consume less of food containing too much fat including fried food or chips.
  • Consume much fruits and vegetables.

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