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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why Yoghurt is good for your health

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Taking a yoghurt daily may not connote reduced visitation of doctors, but consumption of yoghurt will provide immense benefits for your health.

The benefits of consuming yoghurt daily are:
  • A cup of low-fat yogurt is rich in a large amount of calcium
  • The amount of potassium deposit in yoghurt equals banana, and yoghurt has as much protein as egg or meat.
  • The bacteria in yoghurt boost digestion process and fight against harmful bacteria.

Some of the benefits of yoghurt hinges on the bacteria presence in it. Yoghurt is made through the process of fermentation or culturing of milk which produces two important, benign bacteria – streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Unlike other bacteria that are dangerous for human, these two present so many benefits. They help in the process of breaking down lactose/ sugar that is present in milk, these help in making yoghurt digestion easier for people who have intolerance of lactose.

Yoghurt producers mostly engage in a process that boost shelf life and lessen the sour sensation, this take place after culturing. This is useful for the destruction of dangerous bacteria in the yoghurt. It is necessary that when buying a yoghurt make sure it have been approved by the national agency for food and drugs administration, this will ensure authenticity or pick a yoghurt that has low-calorie content and low fats with little or no additives.

There are many forms of yoghurt that can serve as snacks or goodies for the kids or recreational drink. Irregardless of how you consume it, by spooning or with the use of straw or probably directly from the tube by squeezing. Have a fun time enjoying it. The health benefit of yoghurt is enormous,

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