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CARE GIVING CERTIFICATE COURSE: REGISTRATION OF 20TH BATCH IS ONGOING! Date: 27th February– 2nd March, 2024 Time: 8–10PM Daily Live via Zoom and Closed Whatsapp group. Entry Fees: N15,000 WhatsApp now for registration and payment screenshot: Email: BE LIKE DAMILOLA Just like Damilola, you could embark on a journey in the noble field of caregiving. Imagine stepping into the shoes of compassion, making a real difference in the lives of those in need, just by harnessing your true desire to care. Damilola's story resonates with many because she started right where you are now – as someone seeking to make a difference. Her passion for caring for the elderly led her to enroll in our Care Giving Master Class. Through our comprehensive lectures Damilola honed her skills, transitioning from a student to a certified care assistant.  Now, she navigates the quiet neighborhoods of the UK, providing comfort and professional care to those who need it mos

Basic Life Support Class Begins This Wednesday, 7th –9th February, 2024. Secure a License and Certificate after the Training.

REGISTER FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE TRAINING CLASS.  THIS IS FOR BOTH HEALTH AND NON-HEALHCARE PROFESSIONALS Starting on *Wednesday, 7th–9th February, 2024.*   *Time:* 8–10PM   *Venue:* Live via Zoom & Closed WhatsApp Class.   Get Ready for a Lifesaving Skillset with Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Master Class! 🌐 Are you prepared to explore an emergency cardiovascular career path? This is an important training and certification for all healthcare professionals and those non medical professionals willing to become emergency care providers!!! Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Master Class is your gateway to becoming a certified lifesaver.  Join us from February, 7th to 9th, 2024   8 –10pm daily via Zoom for an intensive training experience. 🌟 *Why BLS?*  BLS is the foundation of  emergency care, equipping you with the skills to respond confidently to life-threatening situations. Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to make a difference when it


MAKE CAREER ADVANCEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT A TOP PRIORITY THIS YEAR! Our Diploma classes are coming up and here we provide detailed information about the upcoming... DIPLOMA IN CARE GIVING CLASS. JANUARY – MARCH, 2024 BATCH 8 Class begins 15th January, 2024. Entry Fee– N80,000. 3-Instalment payment is available.  50% First Month (January, 2024). That is, you Pay N40,000 to get started and enrolled. 25% Second Month (February, 2024). Pay N20,000. 25% Third Month (March, 2024). Pay N20,000. This has been made flexible for our clients to meet up and not to miss out from the classes. Venue: Live via Zoom & Closed WhatsApp group (Materials) Time: 8–10PM. Classes are held at least Twice weekly or more depending. To Register, Quickly Make your Payments to FCMB 8795994015 (This is the account number) ARK MEDCARE (Account Name). After payment, send a WhatsApp with a screenshot of payment to or email it to Immediately payment confirmation is done, you


Only 24hrs+ left! Join us on this Career Empowerment Pathway! Registration is now ongoing! 🌟 Embark on a fulfilling career path by mastering the art of caregiving with our comprehensive certificate training program.   When is the program starting? This class is starting Tomorrow - December 27th to December 31st, 2023!  Time: 8–10PM 🌐 Where: Live via Zoom and a Closed WhatsApp Group πŸ‘©‍⚕️ WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: πŸ‘‰ Learn professional caregiving responsibilities. πŸ‘‰ Learn what makes up the Care service team. πŸ‘‰ Understand the professional ethics, laws, standards, principles, and training. πŸ‘‰ Learn geriatric and disability care. πŸ‘‰ Explore legal and ethical issues in caregiving. πŸ‘‰ Prioritising privacy, confidentiality, and abuse recognition and reporting and many more...  BENEFITS: πŸŽ„International training and certification. 🌲Job Opportunities for oversea Healthcare Assistant/Care Giver Jobs (UK/Canada/US/Ireland/Australia) 🎁 HomeCare Job opportunities with agencies in Nigeria. πŸ”₯Guid

Happy Weekend Greetings from MedicalNigeria & Ark MedCare

Happy Weekend to you all! Greetings and welcome to MedicalNigeria & ARK MEDCARE, We are delighted to have a community of over 20,000 members spanning across all our social media platforms. Our mission is to connect healthcare professionals and individuals from various backgrounds, offering a range of services, including: ✅Home Care Agency ✅Professional CV Writing and Revamping, Cover Letters, Statements of Purpose (SOP), Reference letters, Visa Application SOP and other writing services. ✅Job Vacancy Listings πŸ”₯Monthly Career Advancement Training and International Certifications conducted through WhatsApp, Zoom, or Live in-office sessions. Thank you for being a part of our community and network.  We look forward to supporting your personal, career and professional development. Warm Regards, Eniola Adewale Team Lead, MedicalNigeria & ARK MedCare.


CPR, AED & FIRST CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE MASTER CLASS BEGINS TONIGHT!!! Learn The Step by Step Guide on How to Perform CPR, AED & FIRST AID on Infants, Children and Adults.  Performing CPR while waiting for Medical assistance CAN greatly increase a person's chance of survival from cardiac arrest. Become a Life Saver! Enrol for this Internationally Recognized Certification brought to you by MedicalNigeria + ARK Medcare in partnership with International, Institute of Postgraduate Medicine & National Healthcare Provider Solutions (NHCPS).  You don't want to miss this training for anything. For: Healthcare providers and those interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Cardiovascular Care. The Learning Resources for this training includes; - Daily Zoom Sessions - Slides/PdF materials. - Simulated Videos. - Questions and Answers  - Assessment reviews  - Certificates  - Licenses  E.t.c Date: Thursday 17th -  Sunday, 20th AUGUST, 2023.   FEE: #10,000  HOW TO REGISTER Read

Foundations of Healthcare Management Master Certification Class

FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT BATCH -1   AUGUST EDITION.  Proudly brought to you by MedicalNigeria!*  ''Master the Foundations of Healthcare  Management in our Virtual Zoom Class!  This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning how to manage a medical or care management facility. Sign up to learn how to support patient  and elderly care through effective use of  organizational, communication and management skills''.  DATE: 15-18TH AUGUST, 2023.  TIME: 8-10PM DAILY  VENUE : LIVE VIA ZOOM & CLOSED WHATSAPP (For delivery of materials, assessments and questions/answers). ENTRY TRAINING FEES: FREE In This Free Training Course, You will learn how to: ✓ Describe how healthcare systems and settings work ✓Outline the process of supervising and developing staff in healthcare management Identify the ethical and legal considerations relevant to care management ✓Describe how critical thinking is an essential