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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Are You Addicted To Your Phone? 5 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Phone And Remedies.

1. You have your phone in your hand/pocket 24/7

Chances are that if you are completely addicted to your phone, you will always keep your phone in your hand or somewhere close to you.   People who are addicted will always,

or in most of the instances, be seen with their phones, either chatting away, being on call, or using some random app or the other. It is difficult for such people to part with their phones

for a long time for they can have a panic attack even if they feel for a second that they have lost their phone.

2. Not a day goes by that you are without your phone: People who are addicted to their

phones will not be able to live without it even for a day. If, by mistake, they ever leave their

phones at home and realize midway that they did, then they will make it a point to go back home and fetch it. These people need to have their phones with them constantly,

without which they feel incomplete.

3. You worry about losing your  phone: 
Phone addicts are constantly worried about losing their phones, and they will most likely have a panic attack if they lose their phones even for as little as one second. Being constantly worried about losing your phone is certainly not a

healthy behavior, and hence indicates clear signs of addiction.

4. You take your phone to the  bathroom: 
I'm a victim of this though, but i'm putting much effort to stop. If you are addicted to your phone, then chances are that you would

take it everywhere with you, even to the bathroom. If a person starts taking his/her

phone to the bathroom, then he/she will normally take longer than usual to come out, since he/she will become all too consumed with the phone inside.

5. You check your phone  constantly, in most cases without any reason: People who are addicted to their  phones will check them constantly without any reason. They just feel the need to be on their phones, even though they are not expecting an important message or phone call. In some cases, people even feel phantom vibrations of their phones...


 Please if you fall under these 5 categories, there is still hope.

Try doing the following things. They will help you break that addiction fast.

1. Engage yourself with activities either personal or official while trying as much as possible to switch off your phone during this period or if you cannot, put your phone on silence. Don't worry you can view the missed calls and text messages later.

2. Learn to keep your mind off the phone and if possible put it far away from you. You may keep it inside a locker or a bag for the next 3 hours. Remember you are trying to break away from this addiction, so taking this exercise  will help. When you have mastered and free from the addiction. There will not be much problems again.

3. Don't be anxious to pick your calls always. Be slow and steady. Have seen people who go haywire in a bid to pick up calls. The phone shouldn't ring they start behaving funny.

4. Put it on silence while with your family and friends.

5. Switch it off while on official duties and meetings.

6. Don't be tempted to switch it on in a religious gathering. It has to be off completely to avoid unnecessary distractions and remember you are there to worship. Not to pick calls.

7. Put it off before going to bed.  Where is the mid-night emergency call coming from. You wouldn't pray for such so please you need that sleep! Let's keep the phone off.

8. Lastly remember, before the phone came, you were living your life.

You can allow the device to make or mar you. Control it or be controlled by it.

The choice is yours.

Breaking away from the grip of phone addiction could be beneficial to you emotionally, physically, maritally, psychologically, and in your cherished relationships.

Have a great day.

Please drop your comments in the comments box below. Add your points and views.
We'll reply you ASAP.

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