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Monday, October 09, 2017

Health Benefit Of Fibre Consumption

What are the importance of fibre? Thousands of new research studies have shown that low diets in concentrated fat and low cholesterol coupled with high fibre reduces the chances of having diabetes, disorder of the digestive system, cancerous infection and disease of the heart.

Food rich in fibre have high proportion of disease-preventive vitamins, essential chemical that can protect the body against disease.

Research shows that fibre may positively impact the health in:

Cancer: There have been serious research that shows the relationship between reduced fat intake and low chances of being infected with the cancer of the colon. In 1992, a research team in Harvard medical school discovered that high consumption of fibre daily reduced the likelihood of developing cancerous changes of the colon. The fact is that fibre add weights to human faeces and this ‘dilutes carcinogens and hastens the process if digestion by speeding the process of ejection.

The correlation between consumption and the reduced chances of being affected by breast cancer was brought to the fore by research conducted in 1992, it was discovered that fibre may inhibit growth of breast cancer-tumour by binding estrogen in the intestine.

Disorder of the digestive system: Fibre assists digestive process, it speed up the process of excretion in the body by speeding up the ejection of faeces, hence, it curbs constipation. Intake fibre also decrease the chances of being infected with diverticulosis, a disease of the colon. Fibre is also known to cure flatulence.

Diabetes: Consumption of fibre will trigger a slow digestion of carbohydrates. This crucial in hampering the level of sugar in the blood daily. In a recent study, cereal fibre was associated with reduced risk of having non-insulin diabetes.

Heart Disease: There have been evidences that a diet that is good for the heart contains low fat, low cholesterol and high soluble fibre. It is known to significantly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. It can also hamper the production of cholesterol by the liver

New studies are discovering that long-term benefit of fibre intake includes reduced chances of heart attack.

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