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Friday, October 06, 2017

How should a woman feel after abortion?
For a woman to experience a wide variety of emotions after an abortion, is quite normal. Joyousness, relief, devastation and depression is among how a woman might feel.

Uniquely different is a word that qualifies all women. Some women may have a feeling of thinking they made a correct choice, while some might feel their emotional response negatively, this includes intense sadness, pain, annoyance, piety and remorse. One way of healing these pains is having a good understanding of how your emotion works.

The most essential thing is acknowledging the way you feel and caring for yourself especially if you undergoing pangs of difficulty. Emotional distress you might experience, and the information below is to provide helpful tip on how to curb those negative information.

Factors that contribute to emotional distress feeling after an abortion?

  • It is known that hormones revert back to their pre-pregnancy state after an abortion. This hormones may negatively impart a woman’s emotion, making her bitter and depressed.
  • Chances of her feeling depressed and unhappy increases if the abortion was against her decision or she was pressurized into aborting the pregnancy.
  • Inadequate support from the woman’s family and friends.
  • Another contributory factor is social stigma, which obstruct the woman’s ability to tell people about her experience, hence making her feel lonely or ostracised.
  • The fear of being judged by people.
  • The fear of being unable to get pregnant again.
  • The woman might feel ostracised as a result of a strained relationship that is due to the agony of a pregnancy that is unplanned.

The process in making difficult choices involves having second thoughts. One way of diminishing the impact of feeling of negative emotional response is expressing those feeling; a good way of doing this is learning from the experiences of other women, this can be soothing and pacifying, it can also clarify the feeling you have.

Is the feeling of depression normal?
It has been noted that an estimated number of women, numbering five to thirty percent go through a phases of remorse, mild psychological crisis, pain and other negative mental state.

Though only a few women are ‘clinically depressed’ .

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