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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Oncologist and Cardiologist Jobs at Alpha Mead Facilities

Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services (AMFacilities) was incorporated in January 2006. Our primary focus is to provide Facility Management Services, Project Management and Real Estate Development Consultancy, and Training services support to corporate organisations and private investors with major Real Estate assets. We pride ourselves in the delivery of high quality professional services which ensure minimum total life cycle cost of assets to their owners.


Job Description
  • As the Oncologist, you would work as radiation, pediatric, gynecological, surgical and medical oncologist.
  • You would be required to make diagnoses for cancer through different tests including CT scans, biopsies or MRI.
  • You would also concentrate on performing surgeries in order to remove cancer tumors and prevent fatalities.
  • You would offer radiation therapy to patients in order to shrink tumors or even eliminate the cancerous cells altogether.
Staff Level: Managerial

  • As the cardiologist, you would work to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the cardiovascular system by providing a variety of invasive and non-invasive treatments.
  • Invasive cardiology would require you to perform surgical procedures on cardiovascular systems while non-invasive cardiology would require you to diagnose and examine patients for ailments.
  • In addition you would play a role in rehabilitating those who have recently undergone heart trauma or a major heart surgery.
Details Job Description
  • Provide treatment to patients suffering from heart problems
  • Should be updated on the latest heart procedures and studies as new breakthroughs are made in this field on a daily basis as it is one most researched human organ
  • Design a healthy diet chart for the patient as diet affects the heart the most
  • Design a good exercise regimen exercise to help in quick recovery and it makes the heart stronger
  • There are various illnesses of the heart so the cardiologist has to be updated on developments in each
  • Maintain detailed reports on each patient and also a report on their progress
  • Coordinate with any other specialist the patient might be seeing
  • Give medicines that are compatible with the other medicines the patient is taking
  • Advice patients on any alternative treatment they might be seeking
  • Help the patient to fully recover from their illness and have the patient follow up even after they are okay as it post recovery treatment is also important.
Educational Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in Medicine
  • Master's degree is also helpful
  • Three-year residency with a hospital
  • Three-year specialized training in cardiology
Technical Requirements:
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Health Management Development Procedures
  • Understanding clinical processes
  • Quick response to patients' requests and treatment
Behavioural Requirements:
  • Self - Motivated
  • Leadership - Oriented
How to apply:

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