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APIN Public Health Initiatives (APIN) Fresh Job Recruitment (4 Positions)

APIN Public Health Initiatives is a non-governmental donor-funded organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, care and support of diseases of public health importance in Nigeria, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, among others.
We are seeking qualified and suitable candidates to assume the position below:

Job Title: Quality Assurance/Improvement (QA/QI) Officer
 Benue, Plateau
Job Description
  • Will work under the supervision of APIN Senior Technical Officer-QA/QI
  • Will support Data Quality Assurance (DQA), NigeriaQual and other performance measurement exercises in the states
  • Review  and update the programme quality improvement protocol as indicated
  • Develop and coordinate  the implementation of the programme  quality management  plan
  • Provide technical support to program sites in developing and implementing clinical quality improvement activities in all program areas
  • Act as secretary to the APIN Central Quality Assurance committee
  • Ensure documentation and dissemination of the quality improvement and best practices at both central office and programme sites
  • The incumbent will supervise the state Clinical Quality Assurance Officers and serving as subject matter expertise regarding process improvement initiatives across ART/ TB, PMTCT, care and support, prevention & community services will provide quality assurance/ improvement focused technical assistance.
  • S/he ensures comprehensive data analysis to identify areas for improvement across thematic areas, health facility systems and program units.
  • S/he will develop metrics and other relevant reports on QA management for all QA issues, plan and conduct periodic program quality compliance audit at service delivery points to identify non-compliance in adherence to SOPs and guidelines; provide capacity building to health facility teams on QA and QI methodologies.
  • The job holder will provide onsite technical assistance to the facility QI teams and collate all QA activities and work collaboratively with the multidisciplinary teams to address program gaps
  • Ensure documentation and dissemination of the quality improvement and best practices at both central office and programme sites
  • Identify training needs, develop and implement training of relevant QI staff at both the central office and programme sites
  • Collaborate with HealthQual international on the QI strengthening project
  • Support and monitor the implementation of the QI coaching strategy
Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Ability
  • Advanced degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health or related field.
  • At least 5 years’ relevant post NYSC clinical experience in HIV/AIDS care and antiretroviral treatment.
  • Excellent grasp of clinical issues and current literature in Adult/ Pediatric HIV management, TB, OVC, Prevention and PMTCT services. Demonstrated leadership and managerial skills;
  • Ability to work independently with strong problem-solving skills including the ability to foresee problems and initiate appropriate action.
  • Knowledge of applicable tools, concepts and methodologies of QA and QI
Job Title: Technical Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation
 Plateau, Ogun & Ondo
Job Description
  • Will work under the supervision of the State M&E Technical Lead
  • Work with the state-level staff and government counterparts to provide support and guidance on program/project monitoring and evaluation activities and on US Government and Government of Nigeria reporting requirements.
  • Provide support to sites in the state, including interacting with site Program Managers, M&E focal points, M&E officers of SACA/SASCP, other Implementing Agencies and local research groups on needs and ensuring that these parties understand and can support these requirements.
  • Work with local partners to support the correct implementation and use of monitoring and evaluation tools, and adherence to complete, correct and timely reporting.
  • Conduct routine monitoring visits to project sites, including the conduct of data quality assessments (DQAs) using official tools, assist in the preparation of monthly reports, and provide supportive supervision.
  • Ensure that the quality of program/project activities adheres to SOPs by supporting the development and implementation of appropriate mechanisms to ensure quality.
  • Provide direct technical assistance and capacity building in the design and implementation of the program/project Monitoring and Enhanced Evaluation components of the activities in the communities served.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of computerized data capture of the program and provide technical assistance and training to the staff at the sites responsible for data entry.
  • Provide technical assistance to M&E officers of SACA/SASCP in integrating APIN data into the national HMIS.
  • On a monthly basis, analyze state-level data and provide approved reports to State Office, National Office and local partners or other relevant parties.
  • Build capacity of local partners in project monitoring and with program staff and local partners, use program/project monitoring data to modify existing programs and design new programs.
  • Document lessons learned and best practices in monitoring and evaluation, according to USAID and PEPFAR guidelines.
  • Represent APIN and makes presentations at professional meetings and conferences related to Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Remain informed of current issues regarding Monitoring and Evaluation of programs in the HIV/AIDS/STI fields by review of current literature; be alert to any implication of such research for project and program activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Ability
  • Advanced degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health or related field.
  • At least 5 years’ robust post NYSC clinical experience in HIV/AIDS care and relevant experience supporting the implementation of M&E systems, and planning and executing program evaluation
  • Ability to work independently with strong problem-solving skills including the ability to foresee problems and initiate appropriate action.
  • Good knowledge of National harmonized M&E tools, concepts and methodologies of M & E

Job Title: OVC Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Job Description
  • Will work under the supervision of the APIN Associate Director M&E
  • S/he will have a strong understanding of PEPFAR OVC program, OVC indicators, reporting tools and reporting processes (procedure and techniques)
  • Very proficient with NOMIS database installation and maintenance. Will sustain APIN NOMIS database and ensure regular NOMIS data update across all CBOs/State Office/HQ and data synchronization across APIN OVC data transmission platforms.
  • The incumbent will design and coordinate the implementation of OVC program M&E activities in line with national guidelines and provide regular OVC data analysis.
  • Interfacing with GON, USG, and CBO programs to facilitate synergies and initiatives to improve the package of care and support services reporting.
  • S/he will lead the process of APIN OVC data validation at LGA/State/HQ level working with CSOs, APIN State Offices and other program stakeholders.
  • S/he will strengthen OVC data linkages between CBOs, State and LGA reporting structures for improved coordination of OVC service delivery planning and implementation at the community level.
  • S/he will work with other OVC Program Officers to ensure established OVC program goals and objectives and planned outputs and outcomes, and that these results are documented.
  • The incumbent will develop M&E work plans for the program and coordinate the implementation and reporting on all activities; receive and review monthly programmatic performance reports from CBOs and health facilities.
  • S/he will establish and maintain working relationships with the other OVC technical departments in Nigeria as a base for building/maintaining/expanding a sustainable country program and ensure that the most updated information regarding OVC programming is shared via the designated mechanisms; databases, the central server, monthly quarterly reports.
Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Ability
  • Degree in Health Sciences, Social work, Nursing, Public Health, or a related field;
  • Experience working in PEPFAR OVC program in Nigerian States with good understanding of the dynamics of community OVC programming.
  • Solid working knowledge (practical skills) in OVC care and support will be an added advantage.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in health program management in sub-Saharan Africa/ international health issues including HIV, with at least two years’ experience working on HIV/AIDS counseling and testing programs in international or resource poor settings at supervisory level.
  • Experience in coordinating HIV/AIDS program implementation. Ability to work independently with strong problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Program Associate – Monitoring & Evaluation
: Oyo, Plateau, Benue
Job Description
  • Provide technical assistance to program sites in the collection, analysis, reporting and use of output data for program improvement and thereafter ensure that validated monthly M&E reports are duly sent to the Abuja central
  • Conduct timely review and analysis of state level data, especially related to backstopped sites LGAs, and provide monthly feedback to the State Technical Team, internally
  • Support Data Entry on the DATIM platform
  • Support in data quality audit at the program sites to ensure compliance with monitoring and evaluation plans and procedures
Qualifications and Experience
  • A degree in Sciences, Statistics or related field. An advanced degree in public health would be an added advantage and a 2 years’ relevant experience supporting the implementation of M&E systems, and planning and executing program evaluation.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should write to: stating how their skills, knowledge and experience make them suitable, and addressing the person specifications highlighted above for the position.
 .Application Deadline 14th June, 2018.
  • The suitability statement should not exceed a page and must appear on the first page of the CV, which must be saved in Microsoft Word and as applicant’s full name.
  • The subject of the mail should be the job position and location being applied for, e.g. OVC Monitoring & Evaluation Officer(Abuja).
  • Late applications will not be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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