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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Apply For €20,000 Grant For Healthcare Access Challenge By Sandoz

If you have a digital solution/idea to help local communities and health practitioners improve access to health care. Then, you should consider applying for the Healthcare Access Challenge by Sandoz

About the Idea 'Digital technology in Healthcare Access'

The vast power of digital technologies has the potential to transform healthcare and revolutionize access challenges worldwide, particularly in areas where practical barriers restrict access to healthcare capacity, medicines and information. Digital innovation provides cost-effective and practical solutions that have the power to transform the face of healthcare access. 


This is why Sandoz is ‘Leveraging Digital Technologies to Solve Healthcare Access Challenges’ in this year’s HACk. At Sandoz, we believe that no one person or organization has a monopoly on good ideas. 

With a focus on innovation through digital technology, HACk is the focal point of our ambition to create a passionate, ever-active community of entrepreneurially minded individuals committed to improving healthcare access. 

Who can enter the Sandoz HACk? Sandoz HACk is open to anyone over 18 years of age, from anywhere in the world, with an idea that uses digital technology to help improve a local healthcare access challenge: making it easier for patients to access healthcare or help healthcare providers reach more people. 

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