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Become a Volunteer with Pro-Health International as a Medical and Health Professional

This information is to reach out to health and non-health workers and professionals who love to impact their worlds by caring and saving lives who are in dare need of health and care related services.

Prohealth International is a place to reckon with. Established 25 years ago, Pro-Health International (PHI) has been creating impact through free health care projects carried out in rural and semi-urban communities in Nigeria and other African countries. For the past 25 years, PHI has taken quality and quantitative health care to 26 out of the 36 states in Nigeria, and 25 other African countries, including Haiti.

According to ProHealth International:

'We focus on improving the health status of the poor and less privileged in the rural and semi urban areas of Nigeria and other countries in Africa, using a team of dedicated and experienced medical, para-medical, and non-medical personnel consisting of doctors, dentists, Medical Laboratory Scientists, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, other paramedics and non-health professionals.
Over the years, we have seen many communities without a single health care facility or qualified healthcare providers. The people had to travel for miles to reach the nearest facility, often in another community, and only did so if they, or a family member were gravely ill. Because of this, many have resorted to traditional means of treating themselves. The use of herbs and concoctions to treat ailments has resulted to high mortality rates in these communities, the highest indices being among women and children who die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth and preventable childhood  diseases'
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