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8 Important Skills to Add to Your CV to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired!

The following nine (9) key career skills would help you to get hired faster and increase your chances of a successful job interview.

If you dont have them written in your CV, it is high time you get trained for them and enlist them on your resume.

1. Microsoft Office Skills: This is the first on the list as you will agree with me that everyone pursing a job or career in life should possess this skill. Most administrative and clerical duties cant function optimally without the use of Excel, MS Word, Outlook, Power Point and Spreadsheet applications. 

2. Foreign Language Skills: This opens the door to many opportunities. 30% of clerical, administrative and some material jobs get unfilled yearly due to unavailability of foreign language speakers. Get to learn a foreign language today like French, Spanish and German to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances.

3. Creative Thinking Skills: Many employers today want to employ people that can think outside the box. Are you the type of person they are looking to hire? Organizations and companies want people to add and contribute to their successes and innovations and not subtract from them. What would make you distinct from your competitors? Creative thinking skills is a must have!

4. Leadership Skills: This is a very important skill on your resume/CV especially if you are a professional in your field. This skill on your CV implies that you could make an organization thrive especially if the position you are applying for is not a leadership type. It will imprees your prospective employer to note you're likely to exceed expectations.

5. Communication Skills: To stay and keep going on the job, this is a skill you will always need. Whether writing an important business proposal, a report of any kind. You will agree with me that communication skills is non-negotiable for you. Adding it to your CV will definitely impress your employer.

6. Design skills: Be it Web designing, Blog designs, Logo Designs e.t.c. This single skill is capable of making you indispensable in your prospects and on your job. Adding skills on your CV like Adobe Photoshop and Graphics Designing will surely set up apart! There is no organization that claims not to see the need for designs in their project and activities.

7. Presentation Skills: Almost all jobs require this. Some times you would be required to present a finding during a clinical meeting or seminar presentation. You definitely cannot hide from this skill. You sure need it!

8. Analytical Skills: Your ability to identify, analyze, measure and report is a must have skill to add to your CV!

Would you like to get upgraded on yourself and get certified on any of the courses listed above. 

The materials and courses on the above subjects are available for download.

Contact using the contact message form on the right corner of this website.

See you at the top

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