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Netgrade Concepts Presents... 
Coming up on Saturday, 15th December, 2018. 
Time: 11am -4pm.

For a limited number of 100 people who desire to Start their own
Online Mini Importation business from home with little capital; and growing it into a cash pumping machine of 
steady income.

This seminar reveals my 10 steps guide to starting and profiting from 

Online Mini importation business, starting with little or no capital!

This seminar/workshop is For Students (with ID card), Corpers, Working Class, Professionals, Applicants, Civil servants and everyone willing to get extra and additional income source. 
In this seminar, you will discover the following and more:

- The whole story of how I started my online importation business.
- How to start your own Mini importation business from scratch with only N5,000 and turn it into a continuous cash generating income!
- The 4 Reliable Websites to import from and those you shouldn't!
- How to start importing very cheap items for a low as N5,000 and sell for high profits.
- 10 Hot products to import and resell anytime,
 anyday that will always SELL LIKE CRAZY!
- How to ship your products for FREE
- How to PARTNER and setup your own online store like Konga, Jumia, Payporte, dealdey and others
- The Dos and Don't of Mini Importation business.
- The different methods to market and sell your imported goods online and offline.
- You would be added to our closed WhatsApp group and Telegram group for ongoing support and guide.

 And lots more!

Dont' forget, this Mini Importation Seminar comes up on Saturday 15th, December 2018. Time:11-4pm. 


Participants will enjoy FREE BONUS PACKAGES.

You stand to get the following FREE e-packages just to say thank you for coming to the seminar.

1. How to Start your own Internet Data Business in Nigeria. You might have seen someone selling data to you. Learn how to start the business yourself and make cool profits selling internet data like others.
2. How to make profits in virtual recharge card selling business. Yes! you resell airtime to people around you! Good for students and workers. No special software to install into your phone before you can do this!
3. How to start Bulk SMS Consultancy business for schools, churches, wedding, birthday parties e.t.c. 
4. Blogging and Adsense Blueprint Guide. You learn how to work for Google right from the comfort of your own and earn dollars into your account blogging from your home!
5. Forex Trading e-book for beginners and experts. The Easynews trading strategy e-book.
6. Bonus e-book on 'How to run a successful Information Marketing business'
7. How to get your Dream Job in Nigeria e-book with FREE cover letter and CV templates

and many more...

Please bring your PC along if you have one, for the practical sessions. So you can follow us steadily.

How to attend this Mini Importation Business Workshop;

Please read carefully,
Limited space available only 100 slots are available for grabs. 

Firstly, Pick up your phone and let me know you are coming, so I can reserve your seat.

To get your seat number, simply sms: your name, location and phone number to
 08026480369, or 07038844295

You will get a sms from me containing your seat number within 15mins.


Make a bank deposit/transfer/USSD of N2,000 (For working class) or N1,000 (For students with ID card and Corpers)  into the Bank details below:

Account Name: Eniola Olayinka Adewale
Account number: 2016581537

You can also pay with your ATM/Debit card using our secured payment processor Paystack.

Click Here to Pay with your debit card   (N2,000 ONLY) ===> For Working Class

Click here to pay with your debit card (N1,000 ONLY) ===> For Students, Applicants and Unemployed, Stay at home mums e.t.c

Next is to show up at the venue below:

Venue: Tomruk MultiVerseiHub, Opp. Steel Rolling mill quarters, after Atiku Junction,
 Rayfield, Jos. Plateau State.

Time: 11am to 4pm.

Simply sms your name, location and phone number to 08026480369 or 07038844295.

You can't afford to miss this workshop for anything!

See you there!
Eniola Olayinka
Jos, Plateau. Administrator


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