COVID-19- Medical Virologist, Clears the Air on RNA Vaccines Controversy.


Dr Solomon Chollom,
Medical Laboratory Scientist and Virologist

The controversy around RNA vaccines has been aided by lack of basic understanding of the role of RNA (ribonucleic acid) is in protein synthesis. 

I will attempt to explain this using plane language with the hope that those already swayed by the lies will understand.

First, I will start with how viruses grow in human cell when they infect humans. Viruses infect humans and go straight into specific cells. In their attempt to produce their kind, they use the machinery that the cells use to make their own proteins. Simply put, they hijack the platform and commandeer human cells to produce viral proteins as against the normal process where human cells produce human proteins

The viral proteins proteins produced become the younger viruses that go on to infect new cells and increase viral load in the body.

So clearly, what happens here is a hijack of the process by the virus and this does not in anyway imply the alteration of the genetic make up of the human cells. The genes of the human cell and that of the virus remain distinct.

It is a case of an armed robery gang invading a bank and commandeering the bank staff to load the bank money into the car of the robbers.

The banking staff do this under duress and they remain completely detached from the robbery gang. In order words, genetically, they are distinct from the robbers. Lol

So the conversation that RNA vaccines will alter the genetic make up of humans is misplaced as it does not conform with basic theory on the role of RNA in protein synthesis

Let me say a bit about how RNA play roles in protein synthesis

There are three main classes of RNA that play prominent roles in protein synthesis. They are: messenger RNA (mRNA), ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA). Other forms of RNA exist but have very obscure roles in this. 

The process begins with rRNA which carries codes of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). These codes are called transcripts. The codes are usually represented by three alphabets (eg UAA) and form one slice of the frame (single strand). This transcript is complimentary to a portion on the rRNA which is the factory for protein synthesis. Like a husband and wife in a crowd, the transcript of mRNA will locate it's complimentary binding site on the rRNA and bind with it forming a codon represent an amino acid. At this stage, the tRNA shows up and carries the various amino acids and assembly them into proteins. 

If the process was driven by viral mRNA transcripts, the proteins produced will be viral proteins but if it is driven by normal cellular mRNA, normal human proteins called structural proteins will be produced for tissue regeneration etc.

With RNA vaccines, choice parts of the virus which are responsible for  challenging the immune system to recognize them as threat and respond by production of fighters against it by the body are packaged as mRNA and introduced injected into the body as vaccine. The mRNA will get into specific cells and serve as transcripts that will locate   complimentary sites on rRNA to form codons of specific amino acids that will build up into a predetermined viral protein of choice. This will be recognized as threat and serve as challenge depot for the body immune system to recognize and respond by production of fighting contingent on anticipation of an exposure to the virus in real life

When the individual eventually gets exposed to the virus in real life, the fighting contingent already on alert will gang up and clear the virus. This way, the person stays protected from the fighting army mobilized by administration of mRNA vaccine.This is the story about the so called DNA vaccines.

A simple illustration is with the grinding machine. When you grind tomatoes, you receive tomato paste at the other end and when you grind soaked beans you also receive beans paste at the other end

So whether you grind tomatoes or beans, none of them become a permanent part of the grinding plates. They only pass through get grinded and they don't  alter or substitute the grinding plates in anyway.

So the controversy that the human genes will get altered or substituted by viral or other genes through RNA vaccines is anti-science, primitive and based on poor knowledge of the chemistry of protein synthesis and immunology

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