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Thursday, April 01, 2021

What's your take? Loyalty to a Company vs Gaining experience and moving to another company

Culled from Nairaland Forum.

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 _There are two options to climbing the career ladder in the private sector._ 

A. Staying loyal to your company and gradually climbing through the ranks

1. You gain a lot of benefit that comes with loyalty. The remunerations and benefits increase as you spend more years within the coy. In some private companies, you may be eligible for pension and gratuity; and in some, your allotted vacation time increases with time.

2. The job becomes easy over time and you get more settled within the job. You’re familiar with the basics, this translates to less stress.

1. There could be massive competition amongst your teammates. As an example, a group of 20 trainees recruited at the same time will have to compete for like 1-2 positions during promotion. This could get nasty especially in an organization with lots of unprofessional colleagues. The unprofessional ones I’m talking about are the ones who gossip around to bring people down, the individuals who pay with their genitals and the stooges who lick behinds.

2. Your value may be downplayed. Your best bet is to up your game by adding professionalism and excellence to your service; else you’re just another employee they’ve seen all he/she has to offer.

3. Thin/Scanty resume with limited industry experience. Your experience can best be referred to as homogeneous.

4. In a situation where your bosses have favourites, you might be in for a long thing. Your promotion may not come in 10 years especially if they don’t like you; politicking has never left the corporate environment and it won’t end on you.

5. You’re not immune to mass retrenchment.

 *B. Gaining experience for a limited time and applying for the next position elsewhere.* 

A valid sample is Mr. A who currently works as a team supervisor with Fidelity bank. Mr. A works for 2 years and applies to GTBank as station Manager. Mr. A works with GTB for 3 years and applies as Regional manager with Ecobank.....and it goes on like that.

1. If you know how to write mouth-watering resumes, you will climb up the corporate ladder faster than another individual who chose to remain in a particular company for tons of years. Don’t be surprised you may rise faster above your former bosses in your former places of work.

2. You get to meet new professionals randomly and your social game is top notch. You don’t get stuck with racist/hateful bosses/colleagues for a long time.

3. Your resume is hot. If you know what you’re doing, you should be getting employment invitation calls every month. Recruiters love individuals who have worked across different companies in a particular industry.

4. You gain wealth of experience and your management skills improve. You would have managed different types of individuals and this would have properly tailored your management skills towards excellence.

5. You’re hardly a victim of mass retrenchment, Why? You are the one who fires each company before they fire you (if it ever happens).

1. You may end up with no retirement benefit/gratuity.

2. You have to re-learn, unlearn, learn new procedures every time you change company. This could be tough for the mentally feeble individuals.

3. Your family may be at disadvantage as you may need to carry them around each time you get a new job; especially one that is located in another geographical location.

Culled from Nairaland Forum!

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