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Expert Training Course and Certification in Ultrasound Examinations for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Get enrolled!!! This interactive online certificate course combines theoretical and practical learning to help you develop competence in carrying out effective gynaecological and obstetric ultrasound examinations. There is a focus on clinical experiential learning and the course has been designed to provide flexibility to suit heavy clinical workloads. What you will learn Select the equipment which is appropriate for an examination and optimize its settings Explain the morphological features of a normal early pregnancy Diagnose early pregnancy abnormalities, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy Provide your patient with necessary information in a way they understand Write a structured report and understand the limit of your competence and when you need to seek advice Understand the principles of reporting Carry out a biophysical profile score Take a proper history including reviewing LMP, previous scans, bleeding and fetal movement Carry out an ultrasound examination assessing fetal numbe


Secure a certification in Total Quality Management (TQM) in Healthcare! Date of Training: 26th Feb., -  2nd March, 2022!. Venue: Zoom  Time: 8pm to 10pm daily! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 This training course is suitable for all Medical and Healthcare professionals desiring to pursue a career in Quality Management Systems as Quality Assurance Specialists! Why You Should Enrol? Obtain a recognized certification from a certified Quality Healthcare Specialist - 'Pegisol Consultancy Limited' in partnership with (Nigeria's Leading Healthcare Networking Platform). Enrol for this Training and Certification in ' Total Quality Management (TQM) in Healthcare' and push your career to the next level! Quality management has become an important aspect in healthcare organisations in the last decade.   The increasing attention and awareness to quality is due to  regulating policy, influence of customers,  quest for Quality healthcare delivery and health care management