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Register: Basic Life Support Training & Certification.

💃💃👍✈️✈️👩🏻‍🎓 Don't Miss This Upcoming Specialized BLS Training and Certification! Get empowered and certified as an  Emergency Life Saver . Here are some things you will learn: - Outline the keys for basic life support. - Discuss how to initiate the chain of survival. - Examine the adult chain of survival and pediatric chain of survival. - Describe the details of the 2015 basic life support guideline changes. - Explain what should be done to provide high-quality CPR. - Explain the procedure of how to give BLS/CPR to adults if one or two rescuers are available. - Examine CPR treatment for adults. - Outline the head tilt-chin lift maneuver. - Discuss how to perform adult mouth-to-mask ventilation. - Describe bag-mask ventilation in two-rescuer CPR for adults. - Analyze the simple BLS algorithm. And many more.. Certificate shall be issued by ALISON + National Healthcare Provider Solutions (NHCPS). This BLS training and certification costs *$99 (#53,064)* and we are bringing it to


Enrol for our upcoming JULY , 2022 Master Classes from our recognized International CPD-UK Approved Certification Programmes. Relevant for career and professional development for Medical and Health care professionals looking for suitable skills and courses to learn and become certified. Explore our programs, some of which include; 1. CPR, AED & FIRST AID. (An Emergency Responder/Lives Saver Program) Date: 11th - 14th July, 2022 Course Fee: #8,000. 2. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) CERTIFICATION COURSE. Course Date: 4th - 6th July, 2022. Fees: #8,000. 3. HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT IN HEALTHCARE. Course date: 17th to 19th July, 2022. Course fees: #6,550. 4. Phlebotomist Training Course Course Date: 26th - 29th July, 2022. Course: #7,550. 5. CARE GIVER CERTIFICATE COURSE. Course Date: 29th -31st July, 2022 Course Fees: #8,550. 6. Master Class on Child Care- Health and Safety. Course Fee: #6,500. Dates : 22nd - 24th July, 2022. DIPLOMA  CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS . Enro