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Register: Basic Life Support Training & Certification.


Don't Miss This Upcoming Specialized BLS Training and Certification!

Get empowered and certified as an 
Emergency Life Saver .

Here are some things you will learn:

- Outline the keys for basic life support.
- Discuss how to initiate the chain of survival.
- Examine the adult chain of survival and pediatric chain of survival.
- Describe the details of the 2015 basic life support guideline changes.
- Explain what should be done to provide high-quality CPR.
- Explain the procedure of how to give BLS/CPR to adults if one or two rescuers are available.
- Examine CPR treatment for adults.
- Outline the head tilt-chin lift maneuver.
- Discuss how to perform adult mouth-to-mask ventilation.
- Describe bag-mask ventilation in two-rescuer CPR for adults.
- Analyze the simple BLS algorithm.

And many more..

Certificate shall be issued by ALISON + National Healthcare Provider Solutions (NHCPS).

This BLS training and certification costs *$99 (#53,064)* and we are bringing it to you for almost Free *(#8,000)* .

We bring to you same certificate and license based on our partnership with ALISON & NHCPS.

Wouldn't you rather embrace this opportunity.

You have the opportunity now to enrol and bag your certification as a Healthcare professional.

Employers are increasing requesting a BLS certification in addition to your academic qualification.

Get an internationally recognized BLS Training and Certification today!

Register today!

Training date:

 4th - 6th July, 2022!

See flyer for enrolment details.

Hot WhatsApp Line: +2347038844295


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