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Happy Weekend Greetings from MedicalNigeria & Ark MedCare

Happy Weekend to you all! Greetings and welcome to MedicalNigeria & ARK MEDCARE, We are delighted to have a community of over 20,000 members spanning across all our social media platforms. Our mission is to connect healthcare professionals and individuals from various backgrounds, offering a range of services, including: ✅Home Care Agency ✅Professional CV Writing and Revamping, Cover Letters, Statements of Purpose (SOP), Reference letters, Visa Application SOP and other writing services. ✅Job Vacancy Listings 🔥Monthly Career Advancement Training and International Certifications conducted through WhatsApp, Zoom, or Live in-office sessions. Thank you for being a part of our community and network.  We look forward to supporting your personal, career and professional development. Warm Regards, Eniola Adewale Team Lead, MedicalNigeria & ARK MedCare.