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Lab and Diagnostic Tests Hand Book For Medical/Health Professionals

This handbook is a must have for all Medical Professionals.

  Guide to 


    GRAB Your Copy..... A must have 4

Doctors I Medical Lab scientists I Pharmacists I Nurses I other Medical/Health professionals

 Over 400 Lab tests,
 Reference ranges
 Pre and Post test care
 Ref flag alerts
 Venipuncture techniques tips for each test
 Specimen collection procedures
 Latest Cardiac markers
 Panic levels
 Results interpretation in normal physiology and pathology
 ECG and ABG interpretation
 Sales specimen handling
 Reusable lab test forms
And many more in this power packed guide.

Grab yours today and be ahead of your colleagues!

How to Order:

Deposit or Transfer N1000 into either of our  Bank details Below:

Account Name: Netgrade Concepts
Account Number: 0051190559


Pay to:


Afterwards, send your name, email id and phone numbers to:07038844295 or for your e-book download.
If you are on WhtsApp, a copy of this e-book would be uploaded for you on the platform also for easy access and download.

Thank you.

Eniola, Adewale Olayinka


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