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Professional CV Rewrite and Revamp Services + Free Cover Letter


Get Your CV Re-written and Re-Vamped PLUS A FREE COVER LETTER 

Dont' Miss Out on this Offer for anything if you are still thinking of upgrading/revamping and getting that attention grabbing CV!

Hi dear MedicalNigeria Subscriber,

Are you tired of your CV which has yielded no results or failed to get even the slightest interview invitations? 

- Do you believe that your CV and cover letter are your greatest asset in securing that interview for that job you have been applying for?

- If you have submitted your CV to countless e-mails and contacts without feedbacks/results. Then you need to think again and get a Brand new CV as soon as possible.

We at are on standby to ensure you get that marketable, premium, modern and interview-inviting CV, one that is irresistible to your potential employers.

- Our service and excellent job speak for us as we have been on the front line in Nigeria when it comes to writing professional CVs for health professionals in Nigeria. Non-medical clients have also used our services.

- We deliver professionally written and designed CVs to our clients nationwide.

- We have numerous testimonies to back up our claims of professional CV and cover letter services.

Your utmost satisfaction is  our priority as we are determined to give you the best of services.

- We deliver your brand new CV within 24 to 48 hours. We offer speedy and excellent service so you do not miss that submission deadline.

- We deliver your CV both in Ms Word and PDF files. 
- We get you 2 Amazing designs for each CV request you make plus a FREE cover letter template. 
- We always aspire to meet the demands of our clients.

Requirement to get Started
1. Indicate your interest for this service by chatting up on WhatsApp - 07038844295
2. Pay the required fee as indicated in the banner based on your experience. 

Pay to UBA. 2016581537. ENIOLA OLAYINKA.

3. Upload your current CV to us on WhatsApp via 07038844295
4. We will start reviewing your CV, ask questions where necessary in order to achieve an excellent CV upgrade.
5. Your brand new CV plus a FREE cover letter shall be available within 24-48hrs, sent to you on WhatsApp and your e-mail.

Do not miss this great opportunity for anything!
As soon as we start feeling the pinch of the low price for this service, we might be tempted to increase the charge to N5,000.

A trial will convince you as we are always looking for ways to serve you better and faster. 

Call/SMS/WhatsApp to get started Now on 07038844295!

Thank you for your anticipated patronage.

Thank you,
Eniola Adewale
For: Medical Nigeria CV Writing Professionals


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