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Types Of Cancer

A n abnormal growth of the cell is defines what cancer is about, and this abnormal cell growth are most likely to attack other body part. There are more than hundred types of cancers that can affect man. One of the major cause of cancer is the use of tobacco, others are obesity, lack of nutritional diet, indiscriminate alcohol consumption. Another important cause of cancer is the onset of some diseases. Diseases like Hepatitis B, C and others can distort the genes of cells. One of the most effective way of preventing cancer is by shunning smoking, exercising, controlled alcohol consumption, eating more nutritional diet, early detection of cancerous. Below are the full compilation of the most common type of cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Childhood Adrenocortical Carcinoma Adrenocortical Carcinoma, Childhood AIDS-Related Cancers AIDS-Related Lymphoma A

6 Essential Hygiene Tips

The best way to protect yourself is to ensure you wash your hands always, it is one of the most effective way of preventing the onset of infectious diseases. Below are some essential hygiene tips: Everyone understands that washing of hands after the use of toilet is a necessity but, so far people who routinely cleanse their hands after toilet use are not more than 50%, and it is done the right way by nobody. Wash with soap and water for thirty to forty five seconds. Even better, you scrub and lather those fingernails and rinse – then repeat.   Ensure you desist from the temptation of ‘multitasking’. That is one way to cross contaminate infection. Do not use the same sponge or rag cleanse everything in the house – kitchen, bathroom, parlor e.t.c Frequent replacement of sponge is a necessity, the reason being that the warm, wet or damp nature of sponge traps particle of food, which leads to bacteria flourishing. Bacteria reproduces fa

The Dangerous Health Risk Of Tattoo

The culture of tattooing and body piercing is becoming trendy in the Nigerian youth sphere. But, the process of getting one might boost your chances of becoming infected with some dangerous diseases. The protective shield in your body is the membrane of the skin and mucous in your body, it protects the body from hundreds of infection. The process of getting your body tattooed or pierced normally includes piercing or inking the body with either a sharp needle or any instrument that is characterised by sharp tip. Bacteria and viruses that are on your skin can penetrate into your body, once it is broken by those sharp equipment. Also, the tattoo specialist can also get an infection, if he inadvertently injures himself. Sharp instruments can easily be infected with fluids from another person. Hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS, coupled with herpes are among the viral infection that can be acquired through tattooing and piercing. Not to mention, other harmful disea

Health Benefit Of Fibre Consumption

What are the importance of fibre? Thousands of new research studies have shown that low diets in concentrated fat and low cholesterol coupled with high fibre reduces the chances of having diabetes, disorder of the digestive system, cancerous infection and disease of the heart. Food rich in fibre have high proportion of disease-preventive vitamins, essential chemical that can protect the body against disease. Research shows that fibre may positively impact the health in: Cancer: There have been serious research that shows the relationship between reduced fat intake and low chances of being infected with the cancer of the colon. In 1992, a research team in Harvard medical school discovered that high consumption of fibre daily reduced the likelihood of developing cancerous changes of the colon. The fact is that fibre add weights to human faeces and this ‘dilutes carcinogens and hastens the process if digestion by speeding the process of ejection. The corr

What Should You Consume As A Teenager?

  In all ramification, the amount of energy and nutrient required by teenagers is plentier than what other age group need. As a healthy teenager, you will have a

How should a woman feel after abortion?

For a woman to experience a wide variety of emotions after an abortion, is quite normal. Joyousness, relief, devastation and depression is among how a woman might feel.

Why More Than Eight Hours Sleep Is Not Medically Advisable

Recent studies have opined that each night, the advisable time duration for sleep, should be at least eight hours.

What You Should Know About Ashtma

Asthma A lot of controversies and discorded opinion are being aired on the issue of