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Measurement and Clinical Evaluation of Arterial Blood Pressure By Alexander Entonu

Objectives At the end of this presentation we should be able to: Accurately assess a client`s blood pressure using the right clinical technique and equipment Interpret blood pressure reading in relation to factors affecting blood pressure like age, sex, medical condition, diurnal variation, exercise, stress, race, obesity, temperature etc.

Hypoglycemia, as a Clinical Event in Diabetic Patients.

Due to the effectiveness of the normal defenses against falling plasma glucose concentrations, hypoglycemia is an uncommon clinical event. However, Hypoglycemia is a fact of life for most persons with type 1 diabetes and many with type 2

DiabetesMellitus: Blurry vision, excess urination and other factors as signs

What  is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus  is  a disease condition  in which there is a chronic rise in the level of blood glucose as a result of abnormal glucose (blood sugar) regulation, resulting from insulin deficiency or insulin poor performance. There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.

The Dangerous Health Risk Of Tattoo

The culture of tattooing and body piercing is becoming trendy in the Nigerian youth sphere. But, the process of getting one might boost your chances of becoming infected with some dangerous diseases. The protective shield in your body is the membrane of the skin and mucous in your body, it protects the body from hundreds of infection. The process of getting your body tattooed or pierced normally includes piercing or inking the body with either a sharp needle or any instrument that is characterised by sharp tip. Bacteria and viruses that are on your skin can penetrate into your body, once it is broken by those sharp equipment. Also, the tattoo specialist can also get an infection, if he inadvertently injures himself. Sharp instruments can easily be infected with fluids from another person. Hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS, coupled with herpes are among the viral infection that can be acquired through tattooing and piercing. Not to mention, other harmful disea

What Should You Consume As A Teenager?

  In all ramification, the amount of energy and nutrient required by teenagers is plentier than what other age group need. As a healthy teenager, you will have a

Why More Than Eight Hours Sleep Is Not Medically Advisable

Recent studies have opined that each night, the advisable time duration for sleep, should be at least eight hours.

Know the Differences Between Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Technology

The above topic seems confusing to some people as regards making important career choices, job applications and specializations. Biology is any field of science that is focused on trying to understand how living things work. It encompasses every other discipline you listed in the question details. Biochemistry is a more specialized science, dedicated to determining the chemistry underlying living things.

Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Explained.

WHAT IS VIRAL HEPATITIS? Viral Hepatitis: This is the inflammation  and necrosis of the liver caused by a virus or group of viruses.  There are other types of hepatitis including hepatotoxic and drugs related hepatitis and alcoholic hepatitis. Types of Viral Hepatitis There are many types of viral hepatitis   Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E and G e.t.c   HEPATITIS B : It is caused by the Hepatitis B virus. A DNA hepadna virus with a partially double-stranded DNA genome. 

What is Cystic Fibrosis and its significance?

Cystic fibrosis is of great significance in our world today.             Most cases of cystic fibrosis in the UK are now identified through

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Roughly 176 million cases of food poisoning and 15,000 related deaths occur each year. The elderly, the very young, pregnant women, and people with otherwise weakened immune systems tend to be most vulnerable. You’re not totally helpless, though. These simple rules may help you avoid food-borne illnesses. Avoid raw eggs Eggs have been linked to 352 food poisoning

What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease and Its Relationship To Suicide Attempts

Lyme disease   is the latest trending news in health according to Google trends as at 21st July, 2017. This disease is caused by a bacteria,   Borrelia burgdorferi , that is  transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected black-legged or deer tick. 

Know Your Food Portion Sizes and Effects on Your Health

RULES OF FOOD PORTION CONTROL Measure and weigh to understand what one portion looks like : Different foods have different portions, so in order for you to understand what one portion of each food looks like measure or weigh the food once to get a fair idea. For instance, if you want to reduce the oil you use for your daily cooking measure out 4-5 teaspoons at the start of the day and attempt to cook all meals in that much oil. Here’s a handy guide to portions of common foods:

Are You Addicted To Your Phone? 5 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Phone And Remedies.

1. You have your phone in your  hand/pocket 24/7 Chances are that if you are  completely addicted to your phone,  you will always keep your phone in  your hand or somewhere close to  you.    People who are addicted will always, or in most of the instances, be seen  with their phones, either chatting  away, being on call, or using some  random app or the other.  It is difficult for such people to part  with their phones for a long time for they can have a  panic attack even if they feel for a  second that they have lost their  phone. 2. Not a day goes by that you are without your phone:  People who are addicted to their phones will not be able to live  without it even for a day.  If, by mistake, they ever leave their phones at home and realize midway  that they did, then they will make it  a point to go back home and fetch  it.  These people need to have their  phones with them constantly, without which they feel incomplete.

New Powder Discovered to Reduce Sickle Cell Crisis

A new powder formulation known as Endari (L-glutamine oral powder)  for    treatment of the debilitating disorder has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The new formulation is  approved for patients aged 5 years and older to reduce severe complications associated with the blood disorder. 

Senate Wants Genotype as Compulsory Test for Intending Married Couples

The bill seeks to provide for compulsory haemoglobin-Genotype screening before a marriage is conducted under the Marriage Act and before registration of new births under the Birth, Death etc Compulsory Registration Act. Leading debate on the bill, Ogembe who noted that the objective of the bill was to establish a clear