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Merry Christmas 🎄 from all of us @ MedicalNigeria

Wishing you a memorable experience that's filled with love and joy this season. Season's Greetings.

Free Online Coronavirus Courses

Empower Yourself            Thousands of   Free online courses   with  Certificates  and  Diplomas Get   Career Guidance   and Boost Your Resume.                                                    No enrollment or subscription fees. Get Skilled. Get Certified. Get Hired. These free online coronavirus courses cover all of the essential aspects about these viruses that you need to know. Coronaviruses are a large group of related viruses responsible for a number of diseases, including SARS, COVID19, and some cases of the common cold. These courses include information about the structure and makeup of these viruses, as well as methods of treating them. The course is a unique initiative, which is based on the information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland and Centre for Disease Control, USA (CDC). This course is part of an innovative Alison initiative to develop a rapid response global learning certification system to combat the pandemic disease. To encoura