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Foundations of Healthcare Management Master Certification Class




 Proudly brought to you by MedicalNigeria!* 

''Master the Foundations of Healthcare
 Management in our Virtual Zoom Class! 

This course is ideal for anyone who is
interested in learning how to manage a
medical or care management facility.

Sign up to learn how to support patient 
and elderly care through effective use of 
organizational, communication and management skills''.

 DATE: 15-18TH AUGUST, 2023.


 VENUE : LIVE VIA ZOOM & CLOSED WHATSAPP (For delivery of materials, assessments and questions/answers).


In This Free Training Course, You will learn how to:
✓ Describe how healthcare systems and settings work
✓Outline the process of supervising and developing staff in healthcare management
Identify the ethical and legal considerations relevant to care management
✓Describe how critical thinking is an essential part of care management
✓Discuss the benefits that healthcare advocacy can provide to clients and organizations
✓Explain how strategic planning and change management work
✓Outline how mental health and behavioral care are managed in caregiving settings.

To bring your colleagues into the group so as to enjoy this free course.

Class starts Tuesday 15th August, to Friday 18th August, 2023 .

 Time: 8pm - 10pm daily.

Zoom link to class shall be posted daily before class!

Invite All Healthcare and Non-healthcare professionals to this group to enjoy the Live zoom class.

Only the ''First 100 Participants'' shall be allowed into the Zoom Class Daily. 

Please take note.

Thank you.

WhatsApp only for more details.

 Pls share far and wide! 

Thank you.


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